Meet Our 30 Finalists

Hyperdome is celebrating 30 For 30 by giving back to the unsung heroes in our local community. We asked our community to nominate someone who they think is a true local legend and showcases a strong community spirit. Read the personal stories of our amazing 30 finalists below.


Annette sews bags that she gives to a not for profit charity. These bags get filled with all sorts of products that are then gifted to women (with their children) who are fleeing domestic violence situations. The number that she has made is staggering and the need is seemingly endless. She knits beanies for premmie babies and alters clothing for some older folks at a club she is part of. She also picks up some older folks to take them to club where they play games etc. She's always thinking of others.


Samuel is an 11 year old photography-loving Logan local with 20 fundraisers under his belt! With the help & support of the Logan Community, he's given over 50,000 school supplies to children in need, spanning across 13 local schools. He's helped community members battling homelessness, domestic violence and serious illness. Samuel also raises money for the Starlight Children Foundation and even started his own charity, Kids4Kids, always receiving joy from seeing others happy. 


Judie is always helping out family and friends in their time of need, this year in particular Judie has organised & participated in many charity events to raise awareness for various causes. She has done the Pink Tri fun run to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, MND Walk, Parkinson, Dimentia and Tough Mudder 5k to help raise awareness around teen suicide and mental health. Judie is an amazing single mother who always puts her sons first and is raising them to be great young men.


Beth is the current volunteer treasurer for the Shailer Park State School P&C Association. Beth started out as a teachers aide at the school over 40 years ago and has stayed on at the school in a voluntary capacity since she retired. Beth loves the school so much that she manages a lot of the school's finances at no cost to the school, and is always actively fundraising to improve the quality of the educational experience for all the students and staff. Beth is also currently supporting her husband of 50 years through a serious illness and takes him to all of his hospital appointments. She truly is a kind hearted soul and never expects anything in return.


Paula always goes above and beyond to help anyone, not just at work. She drops anything and everything to help her 2 children no matter the consequences to her. She would and has literally given her last cent to help people out. She works 5 days a week and on her only days off on weekends organizes darting events at the dart club she is the secretary of. Paula also as runs the Wednesday night competition and volunteers in the kitchen each night and weekends.


Pamela was nominated for her ongoing work to help charities, not only local, but nationwide through a group she formed 15 years ago called knitting for charity. The group has 930 members nation wide, however the local ladies from areas in Brisbane meet at the Hyperdome once a month and have a knitty natter over coffee and cake. The group have made 419,880 items to date to give to local and interstate charities. Pamela lives in Eagleby and likes to help out the Logan hospital and local fire brigade. She is a very giving person, giving of her time to deliver knitted goods locally and to organise the national group she has founded.


Linda created The Cage Youth Foundation which is a non for profit organisation in our community reaching out to young people. We have teams going into schools doing Shine programs for young girls, to teach them to love themselves. Our motto is U Go Mad, U Make A Difference. She is phenomenal and loyal and puts others before herself daily!


Cortez volunteers as a basketball coach for Algester Hawks for 3 years. He goes above and beyond, carpooling players and siblings, waits with kids if parents are running late. He also helps out at his son's rugby league team down at Chambers Flat Mustangs. On top of all this, he always ensures dinner is cooked as his wife gets home from work late. He never complains, and gives anyone in his care 110% every time without thinking twice.


Naomi was nominated by her husband because even though she has an intellectual disability, she volunteers to work at Canefields Clubhouse Community, where she also help other people with disabilities to comfort them and assist them in anyway she can. Naomi is very friendly and she loves to help people according to her capacity. Naomi also raised her daughter with special needs. Naomi believes that there is ability in disability, that's why she loves helping people. 


Shaun is a music teacher who has dedicated his life to music in Logan. He believes that every child has the right to learn an instrument and have fun with their music. Over the years he has taken hundreds of high school students from all over Logan to tour Japan, China and Taiwan with the Logan Youth Music Exchange supported by Logan city council. Many of these kids come from extremely poor backgrounds and this sort of experience wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and support of Shaun Dorney. 


 Brett is the local Logan Auspost mailman. He goes above and beyond with his work and he is genuinely the sweetest person. He greets his customers everyday and knows most of his local neighbourhood community by name. He carries treats for dogs and makes friends with the children in his local neighbourhood. Brett is currently undergoing treatment for cancer but even on his bad (treatment) days he's happy, kind and thoughtful.  


Aranea helps her local community and picks up litter every Tuesday, called "Tanah Merah Tuesday" along Jalan and Drews Rd and has successfully petitioned the council to erect no litter signs on that road to discourage littering from the passing cars.


Richard was a fireman for over 20 years before moving to WH&S with QPS. He volunteers his time at the Beenleigh PCYC, local events as a first aid officer, and also volunteers with the local cadets.


Justin has had his battles with mental health and now spends his work and spare time supporting those people struggling in our community, Australia and beyond. He tirelessly works to help people who are doing it tough.


Ken has lived and loved Logan for over 31 years. Ken never tires of working amongst the community and his generosity makes a difference to the lives of many disadvantaged individuals and families. His impact on the local community in his various volunteering roles has been amazing, helping to re-house domestic violence victims, instructing the young and delivering almost 5000 meals to the elderly and people with a variety of needs. 


Lesley is a breast care nurse at John Flynn Hospital and she does countless unpaid hours ensuring her patients are comfortable and supported. Every year she raises thousands of dollars for Breast Cancer research. She is an unsung hero but would never consider herself to be one.


Sarah has instigated for the Mistaken Consent Rape laws to help victims of rape. She is a true inspiration to the community of Logan and is a true unsung hero.


Hope is helpful, giving, friendly and goes out of her way to help every one. She's the canteen Convenor at CP BMX and does a superb job. She has organised free jerseys for all the kids so even the less fortunate families' kids will not have to miss out. Hope works full-time and has 2 sons, one who has special needs. She's also looking into fostering children. She is a fantastic person who puts everyone before herself and has a strong community spirit.


This amazing local Loganholme man works tirelessly bringing our community together. Not only does he run the local cricket club he is the first one to stick his hand up and volunteer his time to organise and run fundraising events for whatever community member, organisation or club that needs a helping hand. Most recently Shayne volunteered his time at a fundraising event put together and held by our local IGA. All day Shayne was on the microphone getting our locals to dig deep and donate to assist a friend's 3 year old daughter, who has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s blokes like this that deserve a little recognition to show them just how touched [the community are by his efforts. 


Ralda is indeed a local hero, helping others with over 35 years of volunteering in the community. Ralda has contributed to the community as a member of Soroptimist International (SI) (a world-wide organisation for women). She is involved in combatting domestic violence by raising awareness around Australia and she also initiated an arrangement with social workers at Logan Hospital to provide Care Packs of toiletries to women in trauma at the Emergency Department. This has expanded to include other local hospitals and SI clubs. Ralda clearly epitomises the notion of thinking globally but acting locally.


Debbie has been a pillar of the community for over the past 30 years. Fundraising for the local Shailer primary school and High School, the Lions Club, Shailer Park girl guides, hosting school fetes etc. Debbie is selfless, a fantastic mother, wife, work mate and an invaluable community member of Shailer Park. 


Michaela Porter deserves to be nominated for the work she does running the not for profit, Nigh Light which helps to feed and clothe the homeless, lonely and those who are struggling.


Sharlene is a mother and spends every spare second of her time volunteering and organising fundraisers for both her children's Scouts group and their school. She is an integral part of both groups, neither would function without her.


Del has spent the last 30 plus years caring for her own children as a single mum, feeding the kids in the neighbourhood who otherwise wouldn't eat and opening her heart and her home for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds every time they were in need! She is a local hero whose contribution to education in Logan deserves to be rewarded! 


"My 3 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer and as soon as Darrel found out that a community member of his was struggling he set to work and organised a fundraiser for our struggling family. Darrel is constantly supporting the local school and I even received a call from him one day advising that my daughter had skinned her knee quite badly at the local skate park and the IGA was closer so she went to a trusted member of our community for help. I was touched by this as he always goes above and beyond for our little tight knit community."


Shane is such a great community legend in the national forests, working tirelessly and volunteering to maintain mountain bike trails. He is also an amazing dad and husband, and has been nominated for his awesome hard work.


Nat Millar goes above and beyond and gives up her time to unite and support mothers. Many of the young mums don't know anyone so she organises mums groups so these young ladies aren't alone and have other mum's to talk to. Nat has created a mums page for these connections to happen and for Mum's to ask advice. She's a valued person of the community as she's the one connecting everyone. She does not get paid for the time and love she puts in she does this because of her passion and love for us all.


Catherine is a local Hair Dressing business owner who goes the extra mile for everyone. She has had homeless youth live in her home, she donates services and a kind ear to those who need it. Most of all she is a genuine giver of the heart. Catherine has never let her being full deaf inhibit her from fullfilling her potential and inspiring others.


Will was nominated by his wife for not only for working overtime whenever possible to help the family but for taking her to her breast ultrasound visits and surgery even when it is very out of the blue.


Karen is a selfless person, with a heart of gold. She puts everyone ahead of herself and goes out of her way to help others despite her serious health challenges. She has been devoted in looking after her sick family members and goes to great lengths to ensure they receive the best treatment. After having to give up work due to health issues, she has joined a volunteer organisation just to help sick children. Her efforts, willingness to take on tasks and put herself out of her comfort zone are admirable.