5 ways to get your bowling game in the Zone

Fancy yourself a tenpin kingpin or just want to sharpen your game? Read on. Unlike other sports, tenpin bowling is meant to be fun (just look at those shoes!), and if you’re taking things too seriously you’re missing the point. Not only does bowling appeal to all ages, it’s a great way to spend a day or night out with the kids or a bunch of friends. Keen to up your skills and add a few more strikes to your game? Check out our list of essential tips that every good bowler lives by.

It’s all in the pocket
Master bowlers know the importance of aiming for “the pocket.” What’s the pocket, you ask? It's that small space between the centre pin the pin to its right (or left, if you’re left-handed). According to tenpin pros, this is where the magic happens, and hitting the pocket will give you the highest chance of getting a strike. If you want to get scientific, it’s said that the ball should come in at an angle of about 6-7 degrees (but hey, let’s not get too technical).

Read between the lines
See those little triangles drawn in the middle of your alley, pointing towards the pins? These are your points of focus, and the trick is to aim here rather than at the pins themselves. Generally speaking, you should aim for the triangle immediately to the right of the centre triangle (or left triangle for left-handers). See how you go with a practice ball and if you tend to add a bit of spin, try aiming one arrow further to the right.

Always look on the light side of life
When it comes to tenpin balls, it used to make sense to go as heavy as you could handle; but these days, serious bowlers are opting for lighter balls to get the job done. Even the pros are starting to move from 16-pound bowling balls, down to 14- or 15-pound balls (that’s around 6.3-6.8 kilograms as opposed to 7.2 kilograms). The theory goes that choosing a heavy ball will cause the pins to fly up in the air, whereas a lighter ball makes them to crash through one another. You want them to crash.

Recruit a posse
A good game of tenpin should always involve friends. We’re all for bowling solo, but it's estimated that your overall enjoyment will go up by approximately 1000 per cent per mate, which means you should always bring along some buddies, make a date night of it or round up the kids for some good wholesome fun. And who knows, that added element of friendly competition might just push your game to the next level.

Make a night of it
There’s nothing to stop you from making an entire night out of it, but if you’re keen to mix things up then Zone Bowling has plenty of options to keep you and your crew happy. With 20 bowling lanes plus 26 arcade games, laser tag and lots of great food and drink on offer, Zone has plenty to entertain – day or night.

Keen to put all these tips to the test? Book an alley at ZONE BOWLING, Level 1 Shop 11, Hyperdome. Open Mon-Wed 10am-10pm; Thu 10am-10.30pm; Fri 10am-11.30pm; Sat 9am-12 midnight; Sun 9am-10pm.

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