Health A-Z: Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies, also known as complementary therapy or holistic therapy are treatments based on traditional belief as opposed to conventional, science-based medicine. Alternative therapies aim to treat and stimulate the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating abilities.

Types of alternative therapies

There are many types of alternative therapies that can be used to assist in the management of a wide range of different conditions.These include:
Acupuncture - involves gentle stimulation at precise acupuncture points by heat, magnets, laser or fine disposable acupuncture needles to promote and maintain good health by aiding your body’s own defensive and self healing systems,
Aromatherapy – the use of naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonise and promote the health of your body, mind and spirit,
Ayurvedic medicine - an ancient Indian healing system using a range of different treatments including massage, yoga, acupuncture and herbal medicine,
Chinese herbal medicine - is based on the concepts of Yin and Yang and the balance and harmony between them, it places emphasis on lifestyle management and prevention of disease herbal therapy, acupuncture, dietary therapy and breathing exercises,
Homeopathy - uses individualised medicines and remedies to assist the body to heal itself by treating disharmony present within the person,
Myotherapy - helps to relieve pain by applying pressure at trigger points throughout your body, and
Naturopathy - a holistic approach to boost your body’s natural healing abilities, restore harmony and prevent disease using a variety of treatment methods including herbal medicine, dietary, nutrition and lifestyle advice, hydrotherapy, flower essence, soft tissue manipulation and homeopathy.

It is important for you to consider the reasons for visiting an alternative therapist and then choose the most appropriate practitioner to treat your physical and mental wellbeing.


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