Getting to know Alex MacGregor from What the Teacher Wears

Alex MacGregor, better known by her online moniker, What The Teacher Wears, is a stylist and blogger from Logan boasting over 52,000 followers on Instagram. Working as a deputy principle by day, Alex knows the importance of combining style with comfort – and doing it all on a budget.

As part of Hyperdome’s Practically Perfect Style Makeovers, we enlisted Alex to work her fashion magic on four lucky Logan families, all of whom go home with a brand-new wardrobe. Stay tuned for the first makeover, hitting Hyperdome’s Facebook channel this week. In the meantime, let’s get to know Alex.

How did you go from blogger to stylist?

I started the blog to help teachers and give them more options for what to wear to work. I wanted to give women stylish options for work and everyday life that weren’t ridiculously expensive. It started as a fun project but when I learned that there’s a big market of teachers out there that’s when I started pursuing it in a business sense.

What’s the mark of a good stylist?

Someone who does their research, knows exactly what’s in store, and which stores offer what. I do a lot of research before any styling session. I’ll meet with people one-on-one, find out about all the things they like and dislike, their budget, what they need. And I can tell you right now, I know all of the new arrivals in stores.

What’s the best part about being a stylist?

I love working with people and helping them try on new things they wouldn’t pick out for themselves but end up loving. You get to help people feel confident and good about themselves.

What’s the biggest challenge in your styling work?

The most challenging part of the job is that everyone’s body is a different shape, so there’s not one standard line of advice I can give. What works for one person doesn’t work for another.

What are some of your favourite stores at Hyperdome?

Ally Fashion for its classic and on-trend pieces at great prices; Collette because the girls were great and knew their products well; Spendless Shoes because their range is huge and the prices are amazing.

How did you feel styling the first family for Hyperdome’s Style Makeover?

It was such a privilege to style them and be a part of their wardrobe transformation! The whole family was really happy to be pampered for the day. I’m looking forward to doing it all again with another family. 


Look out for the first Practically Perfect makeover video, hitting the Hyperdome Facebook later this week.