Handpicked for Logan – Andrew’s Meats

As someone who made his start in the industry as a teen, Logan local Will Simmons has definitely proven his chops when it comes to the craft of butchery. And, as customers of Andrew’s Meats at Hyperdome will happily confirm, Will’s passion for the job is evident in everything he does.

Having worked as a “clean-up boy” for a local butcher growing up in New Zealand, Will completed his apprentice and later learned the traditional art of making smallgoods from a German butcher. After relocating to Australia in 1992, he continued his butchery career before joining Andrew’s Meats in Mt Ommaney in 2003. Today, he is the proud co-owner and face of Andrew’s Meats in Logan.

Committed to offering locals the “real deal” in quality meat, Will says his regulars keep coming back because the appreciate the quality of the offer at Andrew’s. “The difference here is that there’s no rubbish in our products. We use all-natural ingredients and try to source the best meat we can find – it’s pretty simple,” he explains.

Speaking to Will, it’s clear that he’s driven to go that one step further to provide customers with a quality product – whether that means establishing relationships with local farmers or using proper wood chips to smoke his bacon in-house. In fact, Will says that some customers are willing to travel just to experience the difference.

“We actually get regulars coming from as far away as the Sunshine Coast and the Hunter Valley just for our pork sausages,” he explains. “That’s a pretty good sign that we’re doing something right.”

With bacon and other smallgoods all smoked on site and a wide range of local charcuterie, it’s no surprise that Andrew’s Meats attracts Logan’s serious foodies – which means that the grill at The Butcher’s Kitchen (the adjoining eatery) rarely gets a rest.

Menu highlights include a hot ham roll with local tomato chutney, bratwurst rolls and the Black Angus burger, served with chips and salad which Will says is “our signature.” And the secret? “Freshness,”. “Everything we serve comes from right here in the Market Room – the bread rolls, the lettuce, and of course the meat. It’s just good, simple, uncomplicated food and it’s about as fresh as you’ll get.”