Handpicked for Logan - Sushi Paradise

“Quick, easy, good value and tasty,” that’s how owner of Sushi Paradise, Joe describes the offer at his super popular Japanese take away outlet in The Market Room.

Although he studied business at university, Joe has clocked up years in the food industry, working in restaurants in Sydney and Brisbane before starting up Sushi Paradise at Hyperdome in 2015.

“Queenslanders seem to have a special love for sushi and raw foods,” he says, “I think when the weather is warm people tend towards lighter foods. Sushi just works really well with the climate and the lifestyle here.”

Rolled fresh continuously throughout the day, the sushi handrolls at Sushi Paradise are a popular pick for locals of all ages. From young kids and teenagers to tradesmen and busy workers, it seems no one is immune to the convenience and taste of a freshly rolled sushi roll. 

“Many customers always come back and appreciate our sushi and other hot food,” says Joe. “The ingredients are always fresh and plentiful, and the price is good which I think is key to the shop’s popularity.”

Among Joe’s biggest selling sushi rolls are the karaage chicken (fried chicken with Japanese seasoning), salmon and avocado, and teriyaki chicken options, while his ‘Cup Food’ options also do a steady trade. Served in a convenient cup (much like a cup noodle cup), the concept is Joe’s own invention and something he describes as “bigger than a snack and almost enough for lunch.” 

Elsewhere on the menu you’ll find Japanese classics such as teriyaki chicken, katsudon (fried pork cutlet on rice), yakisoba (stir-fried soba noodles), sashimi don (raw salmon on rice) and udon noodles. And when snack time hits, there’s miso soup and gyoza too.

With freshness such a vital element in Japanese cuisine, Joes says that he and his staff are busy making sushi non-stop from first thing in the morning right through the day. Fillings and other ingredients area also all prepared fresh on the day too, with fresh produce coming direct from his Market Room neighbours Earth Markets. 

“On a busy day we’ll make over 1000 sushi rolls by hand,” Joe says. And the secret to a good one? According to Joe, good sushi is all about balance. “It’s important to get the balance right with the rice and the filling,” he explains, “Not too much rice, and the rice should be seasoned well.” 

Keen for a hit of fresh, tasty Japanese food? Stop by and say g’day to Joe and his team at Sushi Paradise in the Market Room, opposite Robins Kitchen.