Handpicked for Logan - Bakers Delight

After nearly two decades of kneading, proofing and baking bread for the people of Loganholme, Bakers Delight manager Liz Christoforou chuckles knowingly when a passing shopper interrupts her moment in front of our photographer’s camera by hollering “You’ve been here forever, you’re the best!”

For a community-minded lady like Liz, manning a business that customers make a regular part of daily life is a dream. She explains: “Our customers are so lovely and loyal that they brought ‘I missed you’ gifts into the bakery after the Market Room renovations forced us to close temporarily.”

In addition to donating leftover bread to various local charities at the end of each day, Liz and her team raised a record $12,000 for Breast Cancer Network Australia earlier this year by baking and selling a phenomenal number of pink finger buns.

One of the best parts of the job, says Liz, is teaching traditional breadmaking skills to young local staff. “We’re like a family,” she says, “I have girls working for me today who used to come in to get a finger bun when they were kids. Helping them get qualified gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

Recruiting apprentices from local schools has made Liz’s bakery something of a rite of passage for teenage foodies. Liz explains: “I’m so proud of my staff because I’ve watched them learn to make their own decisions, gain the confidence to talk to different people and cope with what is a physically demanding job.”

The 3am start might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s essential to ensure a fresh and plentiful supply of top sellers such as Baker’s Delight’s Hi-Fibre Lo-GI Block Loaf and Artisanal Sourdough Vienna. Not forgetting the tiger loaves, rye cobs, cape seed rolls and fruity chia buns – all baked fresh daily, vegan-friendly and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

At Easter, Liz’s small but efficient team will make a whopping 3000 hot cross buns in a single day to ensure customers get their spiced treat still steaming and gleaming from the oven. Next on the agenda are Baker’s Delight’s mouthwatering Christmas tree-shaped fruit cakes and mince tarts.

Besides the seasonal favourites, sweet-tooths can find everything from chocolate scones and apple slices to Boston buns and brioche delights behind the counter. Savoury snackers, meanwhile, can get their fix of cheesy scrolls, garlicky pull-apart bread and ham-stuffed pastries. Need to prep an indulgent afternoon tea or find a bread type to suit specific dietary issues? Liz and the team have your back there too.

Follow the delicious aroma of fresh bread to Bakers Delight today.