Handpicked for Logan - Go Vita

Having run their health shop at Hyperdome for close to 20 years, Jan and Elizabeth Meyer of Go Vita have learned a thing or two about the benefits of healthy living. And despite the fact that they claim to be “already past retirement age” the clean-living advocates (and avid mountain bike riders) say they still love the job too much to give it up just yet. 

Originally from South Africa, Jan and Elizabeth moved to Australia in the late 1990s, settling in Queensland and starting the business in Logan soon after. Jan left behind a career working in the IT side of banking while Elizabeth previously worked as a secretary. So, what prompted the career U-turn? 

“Our daughter studied naturopathy and homeopathy so we had an interest in wellness,” Elizabeth explains. “Back when we started the business, the industry was very different. Most of our customers were women, mostly over 35. The range of products available then was nowhere near what it’s like now.” 

“It’s amazing how much the interest in health has grown in the time that we’ve had the shop,” Jan says, “Nowadays, we have a much bigger mix of men and women coming in, and a lot more younger people than we did in the early days. People are so much more aware of health and nutrition and preventative health these days.”

With over 8000 items in stock and an in-house wellness clinic with two consulting rooms, four full-time naturopaths and two nutritionists on hand, Go Vita at Hyperdome has become a true wellbeing hub for health-focused locals. 

“We have a lot of regular customers who come to see the nutritionists and naturopaths in our clinic,” says Elizabeth. “They know they can come in and get very personalised support, then stock up on all the essentials they need to integrate those positive changes back at home.” 
From organic and gluten-free foods to allergy-friendly snacks and supplements, chemical-free skincare and much more, the store is positively brimming with ways to integrate good health into your everyday life. Jan says his biggest sellers include vitamins and sports supplements, Bragg apple cider vinegar, and honey, which he sources from local bee keepers.

When asked what customers love most about Go Vita Logan, Elizabeth says it’s a combination of expert advice from a team of passionate staff and the sheer choice on offer. “Our customers just love the variety,” she says. “We have a wonderful range of items to support a healthy lifestyle and to suit people with allergies and health concerns. And if there’s something you’re looking for, we will get it in for you.”

For expert advice and to stock up on all your health and wellness essentials chat to Jan, Elizabeth and the team at Go Vita. You’ll find them at Shop 14 in The Market Room, just near Soul Origin.