Handpicked for Logan – The Chicken Emporium

Having been in the food industry game for close to 20 years, Gina, the owner of Hyperdome’s one and only dedicated poultry shop, certainly knows her way around a chook. And the secret to her success? Plenty of passion, a dedicated family team, and a 100-percent focus on pleasing her customers.
When asked what sets her product apart from the everyday, Gina says it’s simple: “We’re fresh. Everything you see is made fresh right here, every day,” she explains. “Plus, we get everything we need from The Market Room: the herbs and vegies all come from Earth Markets; we supply our chicken to Degani and they supply us with coffee!” she laughs. “You just can’t beat that.”

Being a long-time local herself, Gina loves the daily interaction with her regulars and says that seeing her customers come back happy is what keeps her smiling day in, day out. Together with her two children and her son-in-law – who all work in the business – Gina reckons she can answer any chicken-related request you can throw her way. Leg, breast or thigh? Just ask Gina. How long in the oven? Gina will know.

“We have a lot of regulars, they’re such a friendly bunch,” says Gina. “We all live in the area too so we know that it’s a really strong, very connected community. We’ve developed some really good social relationships with other Hyperdome retailers too, which is great.”

With a such a big focus on pleasing her customers, Gina makes a point of going above and beyond to giver people what they want. This extends to catering for various dietary requirements and allergies, offering a big range of gluten-free and lactose-free options.

She says that any time a customer can’t get what they’re after, her team will do what they can to make it happen. “We’re always coming up with new recipes and new combinations to keep our customers happy,” she explains. “And because we prepare everything fresh here on site ourselves we can work around things like allergies pretty easily.”

Recognising the needs of busy families, Gina and her team have developed a range of ready-to-cook dishes that take the guesswork out of meal-times. Alongside crowd-pleasers like Kievs and schnitzels, you’ll find Peri-Peri pinwheels, quesadillas, Thai-spiced spring rolls and free-range chicken dressed with house made marinades.

Can’t wait until you get home? You’ll find ready-to-eat options too, including fried chicken pieces, hot wings, chips cooked to order and premium whole roast chickens.

Next on the agenda, just in time for barbeque season, is a home delivery service. Gina and her team already create party packs containing a mixture of crowd-pleasers such as wings, patties and parmas, and soon you’ll be able to save carrying it all by getting freshly boned cuts delivered direct to your door.

Value hunters would also do well to keep an eye on The Chicken Emporium Facebook page for weekday discounts that run out the door from as low as $1. With the help of Gina and her experienced team, you can have a healthy home-cooked meal on the table for less than a trip through the drive-thru.

For heaps of healthy and convenient dinner options, stop by The Chicken Emporium today.