How to pick the right flowers for your Valentine

Published on 02 February 2018

It’s no secret that red roses are the flower de jour for Valentine’s Day. But don’t be fooled into thinking they’re your only option. Flowers are as personal as the individual you’re gifting them to, so giving extra consideration to what goes in your arrangement can help ensure you present your loved one with something truly special come Valentine’s Day.

Know their favourite bloom

If you know your Valentine’s favourite flower, use that valuable intel to your advantage! Consider an entire bouquet made up of only their best bloom for maximum impact, or ask your florist to design a mixed arrangement that heroes their go-to. Either way, they're sure to notice your attention to detail.

Evoke emotion through colour

If you don’t know their favourite flower (or they don't have one), that’s ok. Instead, focus on choosing colours in your bouquet that will get you in their good books. Different flower colours can help kindle different feelings, so keep this in mind when picking your florals. Yellow flowers tend to evoke feelings of happiness and joy; blue is calming (try hydrangeas), orange is energising, purple triggers creativity and red sparks feelings of passion.

Express yourself through your flower choice

Did you know that many flowers have a secret meaning? It will come as no surprise that red roses represent love and desire, but what you might not be aware of is that pale pink roses signify grace and admiration, deep pink ones symbolise gratitude and appreciation, burgundy roses will reveal your undying love, white are a show of loyalty, and yellow… well they’re a good choice for gifting friends. Other blooms with hidden meanings include lavender – a sign of devotion –, daffodils represent new beginnings (great for budding relationships), red tulips are a declaration of love and white jasmine stands for sweet love. Carnations also have their own set of hidden messages: white means sweet and lovely, pink says “I will never forget you” and a two-toned version tells them you cannot be without them. Steer clear of yellow carnations though, they’re thought to be a show of disdain for the recipient!

Opt for an alluring fragrance

To really win points for going above and beyond this Valentine’s Day, also think about how the bouquet will smell for a full sensory gift. Make sure you add in a bloom or two with an alluring scent, like roses, jasmine, lilies and gardenias.

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Don't forget the card!

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