Need-to-know advice for buying the best rug for your home

As the temperature starts to drop and those tiles that were so vital for keeping your home cool in the heat of summer now cause a chill to linger throughout your home, it’s time to consider adding rugs to your rooms to warm up your house instantly. But before you make your pick, there’s an art to buying the right rug for a space. Keep these tips in mind.

Choosing the best size

Ideally, if your budget allows, your rug should be big enough for all legs of your furniture to be placed on it. It creates a feeling of space by drawing your eye outwards, while also cohesively connecting all the elements in a room together. One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying rugs is choosing one that’s too small. Not only will it fail to make an impact, but it will make a room look awkward and ill-proportioned.

TRY THIS HACK: When determining what size rug is right for a room, mark out the dimensions with masking tape on your floor. It will help you visualise how it will fit and fill the room.

Finding the right material

Something soft and cosy underfoot is probably your top priority in winter, but consider all your options before you make any snap decisions. Wool is often a preferred choice as it’s both durable and feels soft. It’s resilient in high-traffic areas and naturally repels stains and water. But, it is a more expensive option. Wool rugs are an ideal choice for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. A more affordable alternative to wool is cotton - it’s also durable and is easy to clean, but isn’t as plush as wool. Natural fibres (like jute and sisal) provide an element of texture to an interior and handle foot traffic well, however they are tricky to clean and often once they become severely stained, you may not be able to restore them. However, they don’t show minor dirt and stains.

GOOD TO KNOW: The higher a rug’s pile (note: pile refers to the height of the fibres), the softer it will feel. However, the lower the pile, the more durable and moisture-friendly it is.

Taking into consideration the look you’re after

Rugs can be a great way to bring more colour and interest into your room, especially if you’ve invested in neutral staples elsewhere like a classic couch and natural wood furniture. But if you’ve done the opposite and already have a number of statement pieces in a room, you don’t want your rug to clash as it covers a lot of space and will make your interior look and feel overwhelming.

When it comes to colour, remember that dark rugs make a space feel more intimate while a soft-toned rug is less imposing.

Patterned rugs are great for hiding wear and tear, dirt and spills, so they’re an excellent choice for families and pet owners. And just because a rug is patterned, doesn’t mean it needs to be a statement piece. Choose a muted palette or opt for a print that’s not too busy or eye-catching. Darker colours are also more forgiving in the dirt department.

If you decide a bold pattern or bright colour palette isn’t right for the space, you can always add interest with a textured rug.

Round rugs have become popular in recent years and can help add softness to a room. Plus, their size is less important so it’s okay if it doesn’t fit the space perfectly.

PATTERN-BUYING HINT: If you’re buying a patterned rug, first take into account where your furniture will be placed on top of it. If items are going to cover up most of the print, you may be better off choosing a solid-coloured design or a large rug.

A note about layering a rug over carpet

Yes you can! If you want to protect your carpet, break up a big space or simply add some more colour into a room, it’s completely fine to layer a rug over a carpet. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • If you have a plush carpet with ‘bounce’ to it, it’s trickier to layer a rug over the top as it may feel uneven underfoot. Rugs over carpet work best when the carpet has a very low pile.
  • Rather than going for an all-out striking statement, styling a rug over a carpet will look best if it complements - rather than competes with - the carpet. Look for a rug that has a touch of the carpet’s hue in it for a more cohesive effect. As long as they have some similar tones, you can still choose a rug with a vibrant colour palette or print.

Good to know

Choosing the right rug is a big decision, so you’ll be happy to know that Carpet Call offers a “24hr Home Approval” obligation-free try-at-home service. This allows you to see just how your new rug works in your home and gives you the option to change your mind if it doesn’t suit.

To find the perfect rug and talk to a team of experts for more advice, drop by Carpet Call at Hyperdome today.