Practically Perfect: Meet Amanda, Travis and family

As a busy mum of three energetic young boys, Amanda is the first to admit that her day-to-day wardrobe default is generally set for comfort over style. So, when she got a chance to spend the day with our resident stylist Alex MacGregor from What the Teacher Wears, and bring the family along for the ride, it was her time to drop the active wear and embrace the glam.

Amanda, how would you describe your usual approach to style?

A: Two words come to mind: simple and basic. The two younger boys are pretty energetic, which means I spend a lot of time chasing them around. I usually wear pretty sporty, active clothing. It needs to be something that I’m comfortable in and that allows me to move around easily. The boys are outside a lot too, so it needs to be practical.

What would you describe as your biggest challenge when shopping?

A: Definitely for me the biggest challenge is finding clothes that fit well and flatter my shape. My body shape is curvy through the hips and smaller on top, which means that a lot of things off the rack just don’t work. It was really great to get Alex’s expert opinion on how to dress for my shape and tips for knowing what works. 

Alex, what was your approach to styling Amanda and her family?

A: Amanda generally opts for active wear that is comfy, but I wanted to show her that her wardrobe doesn’t need to end there. I selected fun and bright pieces that flatter her physique and I must say, that off-the-shoulder maxi dress was just made for her!

This style session was about showing Amanda and her family simple tips and tricks they can apply to their current wardrobe. Pairing classic staples such as denim shorts or white sneakers with prints and seasonal accessories can lift your outfit, without having to invest in a whole new look.

What did Travis think about your new look?

A: I think he was pretty impressed. I don’t wear dresses very often unless it’s a special occasion; it’s just not practical. I’m definitely more of a pants person day to day. I think we probably need to book in a proper date night now just so I can wear the dress again. 

What was your favourite piece from the items that Alex chose for you?

A: I really liked my dress and I’m really looking forward to wearing it again. I’m not usually one to accessorize but I really loved the yellow bangles. I wouldn’t usually wear yellow – or bangles – but I loved the ones that Alex picked out for me.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup artist Gemma Elaine enhanced Amanda’s natural beauty to give her a glamorous new look, fit for special occasions. 

Gemma began by adding body to Amanda’s shiny long locks by creating loose waves. Using a heated curling iron, Gemma framed her face with a series of soft curls in the ends of her hair and set with light spray for a satin finish. (Try this Express Hairspray, available at Priceline.)
To define Amanda’s eyes, Gemma swept taupe tones just above the lid to draw out the eyes and make them appear youthful. Gemma then applied a deep brown liner and multiple coats of mascara to achieve a luminous eye. (Try this brown eyeliner by SAVVY, available at Priceline.)

Finally, she added a subtle blush and peachy lip tone and Amanda was ready to go.

All clothing is available now at Hyperdome. Stay tuned for the next Practically Perfect style makeover.