The best Valentine’s Day date night dishes

Published on 02 February 2018

 Are you planning to wine and dine your dearest this Valentine’s Day? While you could just book a table at your favourite restaurant, if you’re wanting to put extra thought into what’s right for the romantic occasion, consider letting the dish make the decision for you. Here are some ideal dishes for wooing your Valentine’s Day date.

Espresso martinis

What good date night doesn’t begin with a little pre-dinner tipple? If you’re looking to shake things up from your usual go-to cocktail, make your Valentine’s Day drink of choice an espresso martini. Besides being incredibly moreish, the caffeine hit will boost your energy (since Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday it makes for a great post-work pick-me-up) and coffee has even been found to improve happiness and positivity. Already your night is off to a good start.

Where to go: Beach House Bar & Grill

Antipasto platter

Begin your date night meal with something you can share, like The Coffee Club’s Taste of the Mediterranean Board for Two. All your favourites are there – hommus, cured meats, cheese, bread – plus, using your fingers has an amazing ability to relax the vibe over the dinner table. 

Where to go: The Coffee Club


Okay, burgers might not be the first dish that comes to mind when you’re thinking romantic dinner date but hear us out. The casual atmosphere that comes from dining at a burger joint like Burger Urge can be idyllic for getting to know one another better in a pressure-free environment. Plus, nothing brings a couple together like a shared love for a really great burger. 

Where to go: Burger Urge


If there are two things Italians are passionate about, it’s food and love. So when it comes to turning up the romance on your Valentine’s Day meal, you can’t go wrong with Tuscan-style pasta dishes, like those at Toscani’s. But before you get carried away with their long list of delicious choices, keep these two pointers in mind: 1) if you’re not a spaghetti-twirling pro, stick to an easy-to-eat pasta type like penne or ravioli to avoid splattering sauce on your date, and 2) steer clear of anything too creamy as you want to leave your date night satisfied, not in a complete food coma. Our pick? The spicy Penne Arrabiata.

Where to go: Toscani’s


Chocolate and Valentine’s Day are as perfect a match as you and your honey. And there’s no better time than the most romantic day of the year to indulge in your addiction together. Take your pick of sweet treats from San Churro’s menu – they’re seriously all good – although you really can’t beat their speciality: churros dipped in gooey chocolate. 

Where to go: San Churro

None of these dishes take your fancy? Try one of our other Piazza restaurants for a romantic night out.