Watersports Hints & Tips

Published on 16 January 2018

Having fun on the water is something that everyone enjoys! BCF share their top tips for fun on the water.

Selecting the right towable is essential, if it is a Wakeboard, Kneeboard or a Set of Ski’s then you need to make sure that it is going to fit all of the people that will be using it. To big or to small and it will become very uncomfortable to ride and even dangerous. The tow rope also needs to be looked at closely, if you are towing a single skier then you will need a 1 person rope but if you are towing a 3 person tube you will need a 3 person rope.

If you are using a bridle around your outboard make sure you are using the appropriate shackles and that they are the correct load rating. A bungee rope can also be used if you are towing a beginner as it will help to get them up out of the water quicker.

Finally make sure that the skier is always wearing the appropriate PFD and you have a spotter on board at all times. Make sure to check with your local state regulations for requirements before hitting the water.