The Dark Crystal

G, 95 mins, Adventure, Fantasy, Family

Jim Henson and Frank Oz direct this fantasy story about a land unplaced in time or space, dominated by an evil breed called The Skeksis. Once a tribe of exalted thinkers and creators ruled the land from a glittering castle in the heart of which a great crystal glowed with power gathered from the world's three suns. But a thousand years ago, a terrible and mysterious convulsion shook the world and the crystal cracked and darkened, and the reign of the Skeksis began and gradually the castle, the land and its new rulers degenerated until all became dominated by greed and decay. There is only one thing the Skeksis fear: an ancient prophecy that the Gelflings, a race of elfin creatures, will somehow destroy their power.

Director: Jim Henson
Main Cast: Jim Henson,Frank Oz

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