Live Entertainment in the Piazza

  • Thursday & Saturday fortnightly
    6pm - 9pm
  • Piazza

Need dinner plans? Head down to the Piazza to tantalise the tastebuds and soak up the atmosphere that only comes from live music.

From 6pm - 9pm each Thursday and Saturday fortnight, Hyperdome presents a great range of performers to compliment any dinner plans.


Plan your next date night, night out with friends or pop in and grab some take away and enjoy the music while you wait;

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The restaurant line up:

Burger Urge - Best. Burgers. Ever. Open until 9pm every night.

Guzman Y Gomez - From soft and hard shell tacos to burritos and nachos, this is Mexican cuisine for those short on time, who don't want to compromise on quality, flavour or nutrition. Open until 10pm every night.

Hogs Breath Café - You'll never have so much fun, and you definitely won't leave hungry. Open until 9pm Thursday and 9.30pm Saturday's.

McDonald's - What more do we have to say? Open until 10pm Thursday - Sunday.

Nando's - Apart from their warm chicken, you'll always find warm hospitality. Open until 10pm every night.

San Churro - The place where friends come together. Open until 10pm every night.

Sizzler - Choice for the whole family. Open until 9pm every night.

Beach House - A great family environment celebrating Australian Beach culture. Open until 10pm every night.

The Coffee Club - Plenty of options for picky eaters and great coffee. Open until 9pm Thursday - Saturday.

Toscani's - An exclusive menu presenting a wide range of tantalising Italian and Mediterranean meals to suit all tastes. Open until 10pm Thursday - Saturday.

Yum Cha Cuisine - Award winning cuisine with authentic taste and banquet options for the whole family. Open until 9.30pm every night.

Zarraffa's - Committed to the perfect cup of coffee, and don't forget the cake! Open until 10pm Thursday - Saturday.